Ago, Witch Hunters Came To Carolina And Devoured The Willows Sixteen Year Old Collette, A Powerful Empath, Was One Of Them A Part Of A Long Line Of Witches That Stretches Back As Far As The Slave Auctions Of Charleston, She Was Especially Gifted Decades Later, A Series Of Strange Kidnappings Prompts A Member Of Her Secret Coven To Make A Plea For Help And Collette Is Chosen To Answer The Call But Things Have Changed Angels Have Come Out Of The Divine ô Willow Born î Download by í Shanna Miles Closet And Everyone Is On The Lookout For The Supernatural Snatched From The Void, She Has To Choose Between A Normal Life And Following The Warrior Path Of The Willows, A Coven She Didn T Know She Belonged To Soon, Problems Pile Sky High As She Struggles To Keep The Boy Who Could Blow Her Cover At Arm S Length And Her Sanity As Family Secrets Come To Light In The Midst Of A Serial KillerIn The End It All Comes Down To Destiny, Death And The Grey Places Between Good And Evil But Then Again, When You Re Willow Born Death Can Be Just The Beginning I loved, and I mean loved, the concept of this book I mean, it s awesome It somehow packed angles, witches, garden trolls, nymphs and succubi all into one book AND when you read it, you don t just think to yourself this just doesn t make sense The story flows with all of these elements and I didn t find myself put off by it at all What I was put off by however was the lack of interest the main character has in mostly anything but this boy that she can t decide if she wants to spend time with or send away She has come back from the deadthan 50 years later , is told that she is a witch, that angels are now popping up all over, that things like nymphs and kitchen elf s are real, that there is a murderous possibly supernatural something running around abducting and killing girls in the community, that there is a war building and that her life is basically in danger if she doesn t fi Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for approving my request for a free digital copy in exchange for a review.
Let s start with Willow Born is a mash up of The Craft, Gossip Girl and Rebel Belle Now that that s out of the way let s get into the details I enjoyed this book less than I thought I would I follow the author and twitter and her posting of the summary definitely intrigued me I was extremely happy to have found it on NetGalley The plot of Willow Born is definitely an attention grabber coven black girl magic Count me in However, I found that the plot got lost in the romance and I did not think was going to be a romance novel In fact, I feel that the book would have been vastly improved if the romance aspect had been removed from the story line The romance starts on the first page It was slightly ambiguous of this is a case of insta love or n 2.
75 stars.
Did you say witches And Magic Sign me up So.
where are all the witches And what do you mean there s no such thing as magic I was so let down, but yet I finished it so there s that.
Willow Born is about a girl who is brought back for unknown reasons She slowly discovers how she died, secrets about herself and her mother, and there s some supernatural things going on This had so much potential, but I was so confused in the beginning I didn t quit know what was going on and as the story played out it didn t really become any clearer I really wish there wastime spent on Colette and her discovering herself and her powers, but it soon became a high school romance popular girl drama And then there was this weird section that really made no sense to me on how it was even relevant I was just confused a lot Î Willow Born Î I was provided access to an ARC of Willow Born through NetGalley The book is expected to be published in ebook format on June 1, 2017 by Rochelle and Reed publishing It is marketed as a stand alone Paranormal Fantasy The description of Willow Born immediately grabbed my attention because I m a sucker for Southern gothics and fantasy steeped in Southern culture I m also a sucker for witchy books that promise covens usually a sign of a whole lot of powerful female characters Unfortunately, the book didn t live up to my excitement and left me feeling pretty meh Summary some potential mild spoilers Willow Born opens with the main character, sixteen year old Collette Hognose though, honestly, I think I was a solid third of the way through the book before I learned her last name being plucked from a lake We quickly lear I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review Willow Born by Shanna Miles is a YA fantasy romance novel about Collette who after having died 50 years ago wakes up and finds out she s part of a family line of witches The author knows how to keep you curious and writes with flare, which fits the story elements Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to readers who like YA fantasy romance.
The story starts with a prologue which throws the reader right smack in the middle of the supernatural and the action It brings in the mystery of what s going on and gives a taste of the magic system Afterward, most of the first half of the book reads like YA romance where she goes to school, meets new people and interacts with her love interest Her situation isn t glossed over, but i Disclaimer I received an e copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book has a really interesting premise, but it never really lived up to my standards except in some short moments What really bothers me is that is marketed as a stand alone Paranormal Fantasy It doesn t feel like a stand alone The ending reads muchlike the first book in a series and I have to admit that I would like to bookif it has a sequel More on that later Anyway, there used to be a powerful Coven The Order of the Willows It had been founded by slave women who wanted to be able to protect themselves One day somebody started killing them, one by one, until somehow the murderer is stopped By then nearly half of the Order is dead Now the murders have started again and Willow is revived to help stop whatever is doing this The only problem She has never heard from the Order Collette is sure she died There was a fire and she could feel life and her soul slipping away Then the urge to breath hit her And connects brain and lungs to mouth to swallow cold and dirty water and realizes she is drowning Electricity rages in her chest, throat and scrapes at her brain Then Collette realizes she is too exhausted to put her shields up.
Collette is an Empath All Collette s life she could see emotions and she could also feel them Then Collette realizes she will run out of time before she reaches land Then Collette feels someone close and hears hold on Then Collette gets knocked in the face with a life preserver and the man yells for her to hold on to the life preserver and he will pull her in Once in a house the man she feels calm with and nicknames Mr Familiar grazes her arm when he hands her some bl Check out my book blog forbook reviews and other bookish posts I received an ARC of Willow Born through NetGalley I requested this ARC because the blurb was awesome and I was quite in love with the cover as well But seriously, mostly because of the blurb, because it totally won me.
Willow is catapulted into the present time, and realises that she comes from a long line of witches She tries to solve a serial killer mystery, while sorting out her feelings for a guy and finding outabout her family.
This book is ownvoices.
I really wanted to enjoy this book because the premise is excellent However, there were some things I just couldn t ignore.
I m a huge badminton player, I ve been playing since I was 10, with some breaks I m taking a break at the moment So you can imagine my excitement, when I realised that badminton would be featured I received a free ARC copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a very interesting concept and not what I was expecting at all I really liked how the witches magic was rooted in Christian elements simply because that isn t something I ve seen before I mean usually witches and Christians are completely on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but I think it was a really great idea For instance, the witches recited Psalms like spells and their familiars are actually guardian angels and even the villain reveal at the end was rooted in Christian mythology There were also some of thestandard witchy things like trolls and fairies and spells using herbs, but it was all blended together in a way that you don t usually see.
I also enjoyed the

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