I ve looked forward to Sarah Maine s latest book for a while, and this one is similar in tone to her first one The House Between Tides Maybe it s due to it being historical fiction with a body being discovered, a dual timeline with the setting in Scotland, etc, all of which interests me And I truly loved her first book This one not so much It was at first difficult to get interested in it seemed incomplete in places and the ending wasn t satisfactory Maybe it s me, but I felt in places there were paragraphs where the author rambled, the text didn t make sense and the editors missed it SPOILERS There seemed to be a never ending find of bones not believable, nor explained except for the two skeletons the character named Declan seemed an interesting and promising foe, yet he fizzled out and disappeared with no explanation and if there was to be something between the ↠´ Women of the Dunes (English Edition) ↠´ Once I started reading the story, I just kept going until I reached its end It was a love story, a myth, and a mystery and Maine s descriptions drew me into the landscape where it all happened I agree with the reviewer who compared her to Susanna Kearsley, but the author has her own story to tell, and she tells it in her own voice.
I truly loved Women of the Dunes The story doesn t move particularly fast, but it has a way of slowly drawing you in with each new narrator and page With 3 timelines happening in the story, you certainly have to keep your names straight, but it s not too overwhelming or over complicated I appreciated being amidst the landscape of Scotland and enjoying the local scenery and inhabitants Sarah Maine deftly weaves intrigue, sweetness, and realism together to create a line up of characters with passionate hearts and strong spirits I appreciated the archaeological elements and found the uncovering of the truth, literal and metaphorical, exciting and satisfying She leaves just enough left unfinished in terms of closure to allow you to feel satisfied with the ending yet able to let your imagination wander I definitely recommend reading Women of the Dunes if you l I enjoyed this book and hated for the story to end It s characters are well drawn and believable and they do live in a coastal community, just not IN the dunes, which the title implies So, getting past that, I could hardly put this book down, it was such a good read I could identify with some of the characters because of my own ties to Scotland and Vikings This story takes places on the wild swept Herbrides Islands off the coast of Scotland I enjoyed this book by Mainethan The House Between the Tides More satisfying from start to finish I recommend this one I thoroughly enjoyed this novel My two interests are history and mysteries This book had both Rather than finishing the story with a happy ever after ending, the author left that mystery for each reader to decide if Libby and Rodri lived happily ever after I was captivated with the descriptions of the environment and could feel the bleakness of the place When finished reading this book, I immediately got another of the author s books in anticipation of a similar enjoyable experience.
For Women Of The Dunes By Alternating Viewpoints And Eras And Carefully Dispensing Details, Maine Beyond The Wild River,Has Created An Intriguing Tale Of Discovery That Celebrates Her Beautiful Settings Past And Present Booklist Praise For Beyond The Wild River Maines The House Between Tides,Beautifully Detailed Descriptions Of The American Hinterlands Provide A Stunning Setting For This Historical Tale Of Intrigue And Suspense Booklist A Thrilling Historical Adventure Meticulous Research And Descriptive [ Pdf Women of the Dunes (English Edition) ì mali PDF ] by Sarah Maine ¸ Passages Of Lush, Beautiful Landscapes Frame Maines Riveting Portrait Of A Thoughtful Young Woman Who Yearns For Than Is Offered By Her Station And Her Gender, And The Rough And Tumble Young Man Who Is Inexorably Drawn To Her Publishers Weekly Maines Gift Of Setting The Mood Shines In Her Latest Novel, Taking Readers On An Almost Tangible Journey From The Scottish Highlands To The Chicago Worlds Fair To The Ontario Frontier Sights, Sounds And Smells Come Alive Even As A Years Old Mystery Swirls Up The Characters Senses And Emotions Romantic Times Book Reviews Praise For The House Between Tides Scotlands Outer Hebrides Provides The Sensuous Setting For This Impressive Debut A Beautifully Crafted Novel Publishers Weekly Maine Skillfully Balances A Daphne Du Maurier Atmosphere With A Barbara Vine Like Psychological MysteryThe Setting Emerges As The Strongest Personality In This Compelling Story, Evoking Passion In The Characters As Fierce As The Storms Which Always Lurk On The Horizon A Debut Historical Thriller Which Deftly Blends Classic Suspense With Modern Themes Kirkus Reviews Maine Contrasts Hettys Present Day Consternation With The Past Story Of Blake And His Wife, Delivering Details At A Perfectly Suspenseful Pace The Historic Mystery Will Keep Readers Guessing Right Up Until The End Booklist The Stark Setting Proves To Be The Perfect Backdrop For Maines Well Plotted Debut The Novel Weaves Secrets From Both Past And Present With A Bit Of A Romance And The Feel Of The Outer Hebrides To Build A Mystery That Is As Eerie And Complex As The House Of Muirlan Itself Shelf Awareness Reminiscent Of The Gothics Of The S, THE HOUSE BETWEEN TIDES By Sarah Maine Takes The Reader On A Stimulating Stroll Through Two Time Periods, Igniting The Senses With A Classic Mysterious Aura The Moodiness Of The Location Easily Placed My Mind On Holiday In The Past While Unraveling The Mystery In The Present Romance Junkies EvocativeMuch Is Left Up To The Reader To Interpret, Which Showcases The Skill Of This Debut Author The Novel Is A Haunting Story Of Loss And Longing In An Unusual Setting Recommended Historical Novels ReviewA WATERSTONES SCOTTISH BOOK OF THE MONTH PICK The New Novel From The Acclaimed Author Of The House Between Tides, Winner Of The Waterstones Scottish Book Of The YearSarah Maine Is A Master Of Scottish Historical Fiction Sunday Post It Is The Women Who Are Keepers Of TalesAtmospheric, Intoxicating And Filled With Intrigue, This Sweeping Novel Is An Epic Story Spanning The Centuries, That Links Three Women Together Across History Libby Snow Spent Her Childhood Hearing Stories And Legends From Long Ago Now An Archaeologist, Her Job Is To Dig Deeper Into The Past, But Her Excavation At Ullaness, On Scotland S West Coast Has A Very Personal Resonance For The Headland Of Ullaness Holds Not Only The Secrets Of The Legend Of Ulla, The Norsewoman, But Also Begins The Strange Story Of EllenLibby S Grandmother Passed On These Tales Of Love, Betrayal And Loss But The Libby Learns At Ullaness, The Twisted The Threads Become When Human Remains Are Discovered In The Dunes, It Becomes Clear That Time, And Intention, Have Distorted Accounts Of What Happened There Is It Too Late To Uncover The Truth Or Is Libby Herself In Danger Of Being Caught Up In This Tangled Web Of Fable And Deceit Praise For Sarah Maine An Echo Of Daphne Du Maurier Independent Maine Adroitly Weaves Together The Three Strands Of Her Novel Sunday Times Maine Writes Beautifully About The Wilderness The Times Maine Skillfully Balances A Daphne Du Maurier Atmosphere With A Barbara Vine Like Psychological Mystery Kirkus

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