Always enjoyable Fave essay was BY FAR late 1900s time capsule because I m pretty sure, minus a few songs artists never been a PJ Harvey or Hole person , I could ve written it Irby could have been poking through my music collection while writing.
Four stars only because there were a couple essays I really didn t care for, but ymmv, and anyway, I recommend this even if you also don t like two essays, because all of the rest are so damn good Oh, the essay about getting a dog Yes to every single bit of it I DON T WANT ANOTHER DOG NO ONE TELL SAM MY HUSBAND NOT IRBY Thanks so much to the publisher and to NetGalley for the ARC.
Vintage Paperback originalA New Rip Roaring Essay Collection From The Smart, Edgy, Hilarious, Unabashedly Raunchy, And Bestselling Samantha Irby About Aging, Marriage, Settling Down With Step Children In White, Small Town America, Health Food And Skincare Obsessions, Money Trouble, The Real Story Of Glamorous Hollywood Life AndBeloved Writer Samantha Irby Returns To The Printed Page For Her Much Anticipated, Sidesplitting Third Book Following Meaty And New York Times Bestselling We Are Never Meeting In Real Life Irby Is Turning Forty, And Increasingly [Samantha Irby] ✓ Wow, No Thank You.
[fractured-fairy-tales PDF] read Online ✓ Uncomfortable In Her Own Skin She Has Left Her Job As A Receptionist At A Veterinary Clinic, Has Published Successful books And Is Courted By Hollywood, Left Chicago, And Moved Into A House With A Garden That Requires Repairs And Know How With Her Wife And Two Step Children In A Small White, Republican Town In Michigan Where She Now Hosts Book Clubs This Is The Bourgeois Life Of Dreams She Goes On Bad Dates With New Friends, Spends Weeks In Los Angeles Taking Meetings With Skinny, Luminous Peoples While Being A Cheese Fry Eating Slightly Damp Midwest Person, With Neck Pain And No Cartilage In Her Knees, And Hides Entenmann S Cookies Under Her Bed And Unopened Bills Under Her Pillow The Essays In This Collection Draw On The Raw, Hilarious Particulars Of Irby S New Life Wow, No Thank You Is Irby At Her Most Unflinching, Riotous, And Relatable Samantha Irby is entertaining but bugs me after a while I enjoyed her previous book much She does make me laugh.
Wow, No Thank You.
✓ I received an ARC copy from NetGalley for a review.
Irby seems frustrated than ever in her newest book of essays I found myself laughing a lot throughout the book Sometimes she comes across as complaining for the sake of it rather than making criticisms for an overall point or big picture For how much I giggled, though, I ll let her get away with those parts Her writing is enjoyable, snarky, and often relatable I like how honest and vulnerable she seems, and that she paints herself as a pretty messy person The older I get, the social anxiety creeps in for me It s nice to read from the perspective of someone who s had my new worries for much longer and how she deals with them haha Samantha Irby has made herself a lifelong fan outta me with this book I couldn t stop laughing while reading this The essays named Girls Gone Mild and Love and Marriage had me rolling on the floor, trying to wipe the tears from my eyes so I could finish them Girl Gone Mild spoke to my soul on many levels and I couldn t wait to share it with all my girlfriends Irby is funny but she is also able to talk about some serious subjects in a way that I can t quite put into wordswhich is why she is extremely talented in my opinion I loved how this collection encompassed everything from single life in Chicago, almost getting a dog in surburbia to dealing with her wife s children A powerhouse collection of essays that I am still thinking about Thanks to Random House for the ARCI can t wait to give my friends this book as soon a This latest collection of Samantha Irby s writing breaks no new ground However, she does make it easy for readers unfamiliar with her work to dip their toes into her world and daily challenges Readers will find funny and insightful takes on the obstacles all of us must overcome each day just to eat, dress and pay the bills I do hope Ms Irby does something new with her next book, which is easier said than done She has built an audience for her work, and it is scary to take risk and put something completely different out into the world Then there is the huge task of engaging in the act of writing, which is easy to take for granted Ms Irby is an Important voice for our times someone give this author a fellowship and the gift of time to present her wit and brilliance in other ways.
Look, Samantha Irby is hilarious and perfect and can do no wrong for me If you loved MEATY and WE ARE NEVER MEETING IN REAL LIFE which you obviously should , then you re going to love WOW, NO THANK YOU In her newest collection, you ll find the pop culture criticism, avoidance of socializing, and horrifying poop stories you know and love But now that Sam s married with step kids and living in small town Michigan, she s got even in store I laughed I cried I wished I was friends with Samantha Irby So in short, it was everything I wanted it to be Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

I enjoyed Irby s new book immensely, but I do have to wonder if perhaps it s a little less biting and hard hitting because the author is happy Many of the essays in Wow, No Thank You feel a little bit like Erma Bombeck if Erma Bombeck didn t shave her armpits That s not an insult Erma Bombeck is funny and it s a shame she s gone out of style But they re generally kinder and gentler this time around.
Confession time I own a copy of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life that I have never read, which I only own because I was the first person to borrow it from the library, and almost immediately managed to upend an open bottle of iced tea in my book bag, having to replace the copy I bought a new copy for the library, kept the damaged copy, and, because I now owned it, promptly put it on a book shelf, where it still sits This is all to say that, after reading Wow, No Thank You I really need to pull the other off my book shelf and spend some time with Samantha Irby I loved this series of essays Irby is honest and refreshing and said things that were immensely relatable to me, but that I ve never really said out loud to anyone But the entire chapter entitled Girls Gone Mild could really and truly be my life, most especially the

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