Art by Baldeon is great, but not so much when drawn by Sandoval The first story was a lot of exposition and a big fight with Exodus For those who don t know, he is a very powerful mutant with no personality The focus is really just to shape the characters a little , giving them some depth I can t complain about the author doing this But what I can complain about is the second story It features a steamy bromance between a relatively new character and another that was created before I was born The Mimic has had a different personality every time he pops up Recently he had a big beard and was angry for no explained reason Now he just wants his best friend to give him regular hugs Too bad I can t care less Next This is sort of a companion piece to Wolverine and the X Men, telling about the other half of the faculty Rogue, Gambit, Rachel Grey, Canonball, etc These are the people who also sided with Wolverine after the Schism There s some schooling here, but a lotfighting, and some interesting things going on.
First off, the faculty must fight off Exodus, who s convinced they split up the X Men and is less than enthused, and it brings up a major rift between Logan and Rogue.
Next story tells of Mimic and Capt Omega, who arrive at the school looking for help I m amazed I never came across Mimic before and why didn t the X Men animated cartoon in the 90s use him instead of Morph , but he s interesting for sure.
Somestuff goes on, and it s less about the kiddies, but definitely still not a Cyclops book.
S A New Status Quo For As Rogue, Gambit, Iceman, Frenzy And Rachel Summers Take Up Their Posts As Teachers And Protectors Of Wolverine S School Just In Time To Defend It From Invading N Garai Then, Exodus Returns And He Intends To Mend The Divide Between The X Men By Any Means Necessary For The First Time Since SCHISM, Cyclops And Wolverine S X Men Teams Come Face To Face · X-Men Legacy ☆ Download by Á Christos Gage With Explosive And Disastrous Results Then Weapon Omega Is A Mutant Time Bomb, Ready To Explode And He S Just Shown Up On The Jean Grey School S Doorstep Can The X Men Disarm Him Before He Detonates And Takes The School With Him And Which Recently Returned Mutant Will Become A Full Fledged Member Of Wolverine S X Men Collecting X MEN LEGACYAnd Gage immediately takes on the romances that were brewing among the characters and puts his own stamp on them In Rogue s case, he plays the Magneto Gambit thing much less subtle and vaguely it becomes a teen romance let s explain away every ambiguity scene and takes all the fun and life out of it.
I know Gage is a second tier writer, but that shit can t be an accident it sure feels like he s laying down a new path, redirecting away from something he didn t like or couldn t measure up to about Carey s preceding work over the years.
It sure rings false, seeing the angsty crap come up again for Rogue, after Carey spent so long building her up to the point where she s finallyReady to be her own strong, independent, stable character.
Once the action starts, at least the book moves along at a heart pounding pace But between the punches, there s some pretty ↠´ X-Men Legacy ↠´ The X Men team as teachers Hmm I guess there has to always be a next generation It was interesting exploring the internal relationships and their lasting affect on the team moral.
Continuing the great x read of 2017 2018 and I am very far behind on reviews again so this batch will once again be short One of these days I will get back to reviewing each volume as I finish them so they don t all sort of start bleeding together in my head as they tend to do Honestly, I just really liked this one Great character work throughout and the Exodus story was great in my opinion The Mimic storyline was a bit too drawn out but I feel like it brought some interesting stories to the surface and worked in so many ways that I can forgive it for overstaying its welcome.
The entire X Men Legacy series as a whole has been lackluster to me at best and this novel follows the beaten path Art is gorgeous, story telling is so so with most of the stories being entirely forgettable 3 5 The decision has been made several of the remaining X Men have followed Wolverine back to Westchester I feel this story again focuses much on Rogue and her place at the school Rogue is about the students, but is not afraid to go behind Logan s back to ask Utopia for help This backfires in the encounter with Exodus, needing help Rogue contacted Utopia in Hopes for Magneto and instead gets Hope and her friendsyoung mutants Irony is not lost here Wolverine and his team want to keep their students out of the line of fire and they are saved by young mutants who see themselves as warriors An interesting division has occurred are the young mutants allowed to be kids or are they forced to live the life of a hardened warrior I like the fallout between Rogue and Logan, it causes some decent tension

It has passed a looooong time since I read a new interesting story about X Men.
Back to school is not the best option, but Balde n and Rafa artwork is a real gift for readers.
The story is a shame, a waste of time, one drama about Rogue and Magneto s love.
I hope one day someone will decide that it will be a good idea to write good stories for the X Men again.
This is my first comic with Rogue, can t believe she really talks in that funny southern accent hahahaha This was pretty entertaining, better than Uncanny X Men.

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