As the title suggests, this is an anthology of erotica about zaftig people usually women and their lovers The stories which stand out for skill and real thematic depth are Corbie Petulengro s In Season about a young femme finding the power of personal competence after fleeing from a violent partner, and Hanne s Denial about an overweight man s discovery that his diet coach lusts for him Much of the rest hover in some other classification like monologue or vignette or open letter, or even prose poem in paragraph form They range from a sweetly infatuated ode on a beloved to a frankly bizarre story about a woman getting a blowjob from a stranger on a sausage fake penis, and through many lands and degrees of quality in between.
Which isn t surprising Though writers of erotica are a very experimental bunch in term This book has a story for everybody which means it has at least one story that s NOT for everyone, too All are well written, though Not over the top as far as erotica goes, although there are some topics that could be considered controversial Great for those who are zaftig themselves or who appreciate the zaftig figure.
Õ Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica Õ For those who like partners who will fuck us hard right back.
Of The Pieces Are Frank In Celebrating The Transformative Force Of Sex, Lust, Desire, And The Recognition That One Is Desired Zaftig Women, Described Variously As Full Figured And Pleasingly Plump, Have Long Been A Source Of Fetish And Humor In Erotic Literature Now The Publisher Of Best Women S Erotica Turns The Tables With Surprising, Steamy Stories Showcasing The Sex Lives Of Women Of Size And Their Admirers Not Only Is Blank S Work Infused With Humor And Mischievous Irony, Download Epub Format æ Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica PDF by ✓ Hanne Blank Her Delight In Her Own Body And Her Sexuality Is Fabulously Contagious She Makes You Feel Good About Yourself In Every Way, Shape, And Form

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